Meet Bob Feldman

Whoever said you can’t have your cake and eat it too, has obviously never met Bob Feldman! Not only is he the owner and operator of one of the top-ranked, “Nothing Bundt Cakes” locations in the entire United States, he is also a highly regarded, multi-talented, creative, imaginative, innovative and gifted marketing expert, entrepreneur, humanitarian, philanthropist, community leader, youth role model, public speaker, frequent television guest, sought-after interview subject, published editor and budding young author, who has only just begun to take the publishing world by storm.  
Exceptionally wise beyond his years, Bob Feldman is already more seasoned than professionals 6 times his age! A rising young star to watch, Bob Feldman’s real world expertise, earned in the trenches at two major corporations, coupled with his vast knowledge of management, human resources, business writing, product marketing, brand promotion, community outreach and public relations, has given him the professional edge, as well as the heart and soul necessary, to succeed at anything he tries his hand in!
Bob Feldman is a highly successful and respected business owner, whose very livelihood depends upon his rock solid communications skills. His multitude of talents and strengths includes exceptional written and verbal communications skills. With a degree in marketing and a slough of valuable professional experience, Bob has utilized his wildly creative outside-of-the-box thinking and his tremendous writing talents to promote his own business and transform it into a local, regional and national success.
All business professionals require exceptional writing skills, but Bob Feldman’s words were simply too great to be confined to the four walls of a bakery. A skilled editor, proofreader and budding young author, he excels in social media writing, promotional writing, media and public relations writing and general business writing. Bob Feldman’s genuine compassion for people, has allowed him to develop a professional, yet down-to-earth writing style.
One would assume his strong business background would result in a more formal and rigid writing style, but quite the opposite has happened, thanks to his genuinely warm personality, his daily personal interaction with customers, employees and clients, and the fact that he is a genuine “people person.” All of this has resulted in Bob Feldman developing a very personable, friendly, next-door-neighbor inspired writing style that comes straight from his loving heart of gold.
Bob Feldman’s passion for making a difference in our world through his charitable giving, community service and volunteer work shines through in his warm heartfelt writing and editing style. His leadership and team building skills are unsurpassed and he is a role model to everyone around him for his intense work ethic, dedication, positive attitude, happy outlook on life and his generous giving spirit.
Bob Feldman’s natural gift for communicating through writing, his intuitive way of sensing how others are feeling, his knack for providing words of wisdom and his ability to phrase advice in the form of artistic words, has allowed him to easily transition from business writing, to editing and writing insightful quotations and ideas for the publishing industry. Bob Feldman is definitely someone you should know. 


Bob Feldman is a multi-talented, imaginative, creative, marketing genius who is not only a successful business man, but a genuine role model and respected community leader. You will definitely love anything Bob Feldman creates as “Creativity” truly is his middle name!

Rich T. – Author & Blogger


What can I possibly say about Bob Feldman that has not already been said? Bob is an extraordinary human being, who is a class act, a true gentleman, a multi-talented, gifted free-spirit, and a highly successful business person, blessed with a generous, compassionate, giving nature and a loving heart of gold.

K.P. Lynne – #1 Best Selling Author