Bob Feldman Edits Anticipated New Book

Bob Feldman, who has taken the world by storm, as one of the nation’s leading young business entrepreneurs, has tapped into his literary skills to edit a forthcoming book of motivational and thought-provoking quotations, poetry and words of wisdom, called “Friendship Is Fragile: Handle With Care!” Bob Feldman shares the cover with #1 Best Selling Author K.P. Lynne and #1 Best Selling Author R.J. Modell, but Bob Feldman is no stranger to being #1, as his Orland Park, Illinois “Nothing Bundt Cakes” store ranked #1 for sales the week leading up to Thanksgiving 2017! A multi-talented “Bob-of-All-Trades,” Bob Feldman seems to effortlessly tackle any ambition he dreams up and make it a reality! Bob Feldman is a #1 rising star!

Friendship Is Fragile Final Front Cover